Coaching + Consulting + Conferences for leadership development + Church planting

We offer abundant online and digital resources focused on leadership development + church planting. These resources are designed for pastors, planters, and prospective leaders. We also know that working together with a mentor has additional advantages. Each person on our team is very involved with the local church, but all of us have worked to create margin to be available to serve you. We focus on leadership development, church planting, strategic planning, church organizational structure, transitional leadership, but are also likely to assist you with other needs as well.

Here are some of the ways that we may be able to assist you and your team:


This generally involves a one-hour meeting one to two times a month. The purpose of the meetings is to help you go from where you are to where you believe that God has called you to be. The meetings can be via phone, videoconference, or in person depending on the logistics. The coaching meetings generally last from one to twelve months.


Church Assessment:  Someone from our team will visit your church on a weekend and make detailed notes. You’ll receive a written report with specific recommendations including affirmations and targeted areas for improvement. We will also offer some practical suggestions on how to improve. The report will focus on but not be limited to: teaching, worship in song, facilities, and environment.

One Day Leadership or Strategy Sessions:
A member of our team will meet with you and other core leaders as desired.

Members of our team are available to speak at conferences for individual or multiple sessions.

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